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Cameroon:Gov’t allocates close to FCFA 2 Billion to health districts to fight Coronavirus

Entrance to Yaounde Central Hospital hosting Coronavirus isolation centre (c) copyright

FCFA One Billion, Nine Hundred Million(FCFA 1, 900, 000,000) is the amount to be disbursed by the government of Cameroon to 190 health district to help fight against the COVID-19, the Minister of Public Health has revealed.

In a statement detailing the management of funds set aside for the fight against the COVID-19, Dr Malachie Manaouda said the money which is part of government’s effort to decentralise the COVID-19 response will be disbursed to the various health districts concerned in the days ahead.

“The Minister(of Public Health) indicates that the provision of FCFA One billion, nine hundred million(1, 900, 000, 000) by the Minister of Finance is currently being channeled to one hundred and ninety (190) health districts, in accordance with the instructions of the Head of State prescribing the intensification of the decentralisation of the response,” Dr Malachie Manaouda said.

These funds will go to further boost other efforts that have been taken at the local levels in the fight against the pandemic, notably the provision of anti COVID-19 kits like hand sanitisers, face masks, …etc by some councils.

In the past month, the Ministry of Public Health has focused its energy on decentralising the response strategy by intensifying the sensitisation campaign in communities in order to be able to meet up with its 3T objectives (Track, Test and Treat).

So far, for the past five months since the outbreak of the COVID-19, FCFA Twenty One billion, nine hundred and seventy-three million, seven hundred and ninety nine thousand, eight hundred and seventy three (FCFA 21, 973, 799, 873) have been spent in response to the pandemic, the Minister of Public Health revealed.

In response to worries over (exorbitant) financial offers proposed by companies within the framework of the provision of services and supply of equipment, related to the fight against the COVID-19, the Minister reassured the working group in charge of evaluating and giving an opinion on special contract projects set up on May 4, will continue to work in order to guarantee prices are fairly close to market reality.

Published on 28.04.2020

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