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Cameroon:Govt allocates FCFA 120 million as aid to private press

The Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi has called on members of the commission charged with scrutinizing files for media aid to work in all transparency and be objective in distributing the subvention.

The Minister called made the call on Wednesday, March 24 while opening works of the commission in Yaounde.

He called on members of the commission to work in all fairness, transparency and objectivity in attributing the FCFA 120 million set aside for distribution.

Rene Emmanuel Sadi hailed the role of the media in championing the economic and democratic advancement of Cameroon and said it was thus normal that government assists them in their work.

However, he called on members of the commission not to end at the level of sharing the aid to to ensure strictly follow up the use of these funds through the setting up of a control mechanisms to follow up the recipients.

It is on this note that the commission members drawn from various ministries, media regulatory agencies and representatives from the private media set out for work.

They will be scrutinizing 105 files from 94 print media structures and 11 online firms.

Published on 10.02.2021

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