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Cameroon:Gov’t assessing effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in treatment of COVID-19 patients

Minister Madeleine Tchuente assesses IMPM's capacity to manufacture chloroquine (c) copyright

The effectiveness of the hydroxychloroquine in the treatment protocole administered to COVID-19 patients is under debate today by members of goverment.

It is the main subject on the table during the weekly interministerial meeting presided over by the Prime Minister, Head of Goverment Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute by video conference.

In his exposé, the Minister of Public Health Dr Malachie Manaouda said the hydroxychloroquine has been put to effective use alongside other drugs like Zinc, Vitamine C and Azythromicine.

He however said caution should be taken when administering the drug to patients with a previous health defect, reason why health workers are always advised to consult the patients medical booklet before proceeding to administer any form of treatment.

The meeting at the Star Building also had on the agenda, ways of enforcing the wearing of face masks in public places. The Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam said, regular meetings have been held with the local councils to see ho to effectively implement the measure as well as sanction defaulters.


Published on 28.04.2020

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