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Cameroon:Govt, Camnafaw set up partnership to boost nutrition, reproductive health

The Ministry f Public Health and the Cameroon national Association for Family Welfare, CAMNAFAW have signed a partnership agreement to improve and strengthen services linked to nutrition and reproductive health across the ten regions of the country.

The partnership agreement was signed on Tuesday, February 16 between the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda and the Executive National Director of CAMNAFAW.

According to the Minister of Public Health, the signing or the agreement is a manifestation of the government of Cameroon to intensify the partnership and cooperation with civil society organizations on health issues so that they participate more actively in the socio-economic development of the country, as well as the well-being of the populations.

Established for several years, this synergy is an exemplary partnership which has made it possible to carry out important projects in the field of reproductive health. For example, from 2009 to 2019, following the first collaborative agreement signed between the two institutions, a total of 26 million 746 thousand 659 reproductive health services were offered to marginalized populations and underprivileged populations.

Through this new agreement, CAMNAFAW and the Ministry of Public Health are pooling their capacities in order to enable the populations of the ten regions of Cameroon to benefit from quality services in matters of sexuality, reproduction and nutrition.

It will in fact be a question of carrying out actions through information, education and communication “for development (IEC / C4D), in order to improve the supply of quality services” in the area of ​​sexual and reproductive health, the Minister of Public Health said.

Emphasis is also given to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) / human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), tuberculosis (TB) and hepatitis. This agreement replaces the one signed in 2010 on reproductive health, and whose evaluation has made it possible to make readjustments which have led to the renewal of the agreement which now includes aspects of nutrition.

Signing the agreement, the Honorable National President and the Executive Director of CAMNAFAW congratulated the visible and important commitment of the government in the field of health, through the multiple initiatives, actions and investments, which participate in concretising the vision of the President of the Republic which advocates “access for all to basic health care”. They reiterated their commitment to make their own contribution to the achievement of the objectives set.

Published on 10.02.2021

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