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Cameroon:Govt pressured to create independent research organ to boost economic devt

Israeli Ambassador Ran Gidor seeks to strengthen ties with the Ngaoundere University

Researchers have proposed the creation of an autonomous research agency for innovation which they say will be responsible for the management of public funds dedicated to research.

The National Syndicate of Researchers of the Public Sector, SYNAC made the proposal on Wednesday, November 25 during a press conference held in Yaounde.

The conference was aimed at bringing  together all researchers around the same idea of defending interests related to their profession, to represent members wherever needed, to defend the quality of researchers and the scientific nature of their work, to raise awareness on the respect, ethics and professional conduct of the body of researchers, to ensure respect for the social protection of researchers and their families, and to work for the establishment of optimal and safe working conditions.

According to the researchers, the agency will facilitate will smoothen collaboration between the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation in terms of salaries, bonuses for modernization of research, as well as career path for researchers, as recommended by the CIRAD report on education of the economy of research in Cameroon published in November 2014.

“We want to put ourselves in the best conditions that allow us to unleash any potential for innovation,” Dr Ngatchou Attan, National President of SYNAC said.

According to the National Strategic Development Plan, research is one of the key sectors will accelerate growth and lead the nation to emergence by 2035.

Through this strategy, the government believes there is a will for a structural transformation and inclusive development of Cameroon based on research.

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