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Cameroon:Govt to provide financial support to households to cushion COVID-19 effects

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At least 5,000 households will each get financial support to cushion the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor of the South Region Félix Nguélé Nguélé has announced.

He made the announcement at the weekend during a technical workshop of the social safety project which seeks to protect families from the consequences of economic shocks, natural disasters and other crises.

As part of the Special National Solidarity Fund to fight against the COVID-19, FCFA 16 billion have been allocated which will benefit over 80,000 households across the country.

Thus, the workshop organised in Ebolowa on December 4, kicked started the process to select the 80,000 households that will be identified across the country.

The selection will be done according to the sub divisions with the greatest number of persons economically affected by the pandemic.

In Ebolowa I, 31 neighbourhoods will be visited by agents of the National Institute of Statistics while 44 neighbourhoods will be visited in Ebolowa II, all to select the persons most affected.

Each beneficiary will receive a total amount of FCFA 180,000 which will be paid in three installments; FCFA 45,000 during the first month, FCFA 45,000 in the second month and FCFA 90,000 for the final month.

The funds are provided to meet the basic needs of the beneficiaries notably: “the acquisition of foodstuff, payment of rents, electricity and water bills, medication and health care.

“The project has a considerable impact. The aim is to alleviate poverty in Ebolowa by providing income to vulnerable groups. The poor layers who are the target of the project have seen their incomes drop because of the Covid-19 pandemic, ”the Governor of the South Region Felix Nguélé Nguélé said.

Several criteria will be applied for the choice of beneficiary household, notably pre-pandemic employment status, marital status, household size, housing tenure etc.

Published on 03.01.2023

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