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Cameroon:Gov’t warns against stigmatisation of Coronavirus patients

Entrance to Yaounde Central Hospital hosting Coronavirus isolation centre (c) copyright

The Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda has frowned against the stigmatisation of COVID-19 patients by some Cameroonians.

Dr Malachie Manaouda said on Monday, May 10 that the stigmatisation of COVID-19 ^patients will rather scare many Cameroonians to go in for the test.

There have been reports of patients deserting some hospital that treat COVID-19 patients for fear of being infected, fears dismissed by the Minister of Public Health who urged Cameroonians to continue to go to the hospitals for other illnesses without risk of getting infected.

“COVID-19 is not a disease of shame so let’s not hide in homes…continue to vaccinate our children normally,” Dr Malachie Manaouda said.

Call for vigilance

While giving assurances to the population, the Ministry of Public Health has continued for more vigilance in the fight against the pandemic.

The caution comes as the number of cases keeps increasing with over 2800 cases recorded in the country so far for with over 136 deaths recorded so far.

However there continue to be hope as the number of recoveries keeps soaring with over 1545 patients already recovered.

“Looking at the number of cases which unfortunately have increased in the past days, we once more call on the population to remain vigilant and be more responsible as they go about their daily activities,”Dr Fanne Mahamat, Director of Health Promotion at the Ministry of Public Health said.

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