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Cameroon:Hon. Ngala creates parliamentary network to promote circular economy

The parliamentary network to promote circular economy in Cameroon has been created following the approval of the House Speaker, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.

The network was presented to the press in Yaounde on Thursday, September by the Coordinator Hon Ngala Gerald Ndombang.

The network comes on the heels of the recent floods in some parts of the country which have raised the question of environmental hazards in the society, notably the poor disposal of waste which blocks drainages.

Thus, the Parliamentary Network for Circular Economy, PANCEC seeks to provide a solution to this with the circular economy which will get rid of these products through recycling.

“We cannot move forward with the linear economy we are currently practicing. The circular economy means that what we are using today will go round and come back to us tomorrow, so we are turning waste into worth and making sure that nothing is being dumped in the landfills,” Hon. Ngala Gerard said while presenting the network.

The network will also have as main objective to re-invent the parliamentary as well as government’s role in key sectors by prioritizing the environment and climate change.

In so doing, the network says it will accompany stakeholders by making concrete proposals to policymakers, the government and the Head of State for the putting in place, of an effective legislation on circular economy to organize and regulate this sector in Cameroon.

“We want to make sure that we help companies that are already practicing the circular economy by enforcing laws from the National Assembly that will regulate those practices and making sure that our environment is no more polluted,” Hon. Ngala said.

He added that they are ready to work with other stakeholders like councils and other institutions to enforce the circular economy which he said will create thousands of jobs.

Published on 28.04.2020

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