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Cameroonian coach challenges deportation bid in Swazi court

A Cameroonian coach who was declared an illegal immigrant and has been incarcerated for a month has taken Swaziland’s Minister for Home Affairs to court over his pending deportation.Cyprian Tada Musibe filed an urgent application at the High Court of Swaziland seeking the court to compel Home Affairs Minister Princess Tsandzile to set aside the decision to have him deported back to Cameroon, saying he should be allowed to go back home on his own.

This follows his conviction at the Siteki Magistrate’s Court in March where the magistrate ruled that he be kept at the local Correctional Services facility pending his deportation.

In his court papers Musibe argued that, “I am willing and capable of leaving Swaziland on my own accord to any country of my choice; hence I want to go to South Africa where I am employed as a football coach at a sports school.”

He also stated that he has been advised that a person cannot be deported to his home country where he is in fear of persecution.

He alleged that there is political unrest between the English- and French-speaking Cameroonians back in his country.

“The ongoing conflict back at home is making it difficult for me to apply for a new passport,” argued the coach who also tried to convince the court that South Africa is ready to accept him as he has been working and staying there for a while now.

The case continues in court.

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