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Cameroonian Enterprise Buns And Bofas Win 36 Billion FCFA Road Contracts For Yaounde – Bamenda Axis


Cameroonian companies Buns and Bofas have just won new lots worth a total of  35.8 billion FCFA as part of the rehabilitation contracts for the Yaounde-Bamenda axis, on the Yaounde-Enugu corridor in Nigeria, which has been a victim of destruction due to the security crisis in the North West of the country since 2016.



The company Buns has been declared the winner of the rehabilitation works of the Matazem-Welcome to Bamenda road section (entrance to the city of Bamenda), with a length of 18.05 km. Contract amount:  21.52 billion CFA F. The work is expected to last 18 months.

For its part, Bofas will be in charge of the rehabilitation of the Bamenda up-hill station Bypass road (in the town of Bamenda itself), a linear distance of 4.9 km. This for an amount of 14.32 billion FCFA. Duration of the works: 15 months.

These awards come three years after Buns was selected for a previous Babadjou-Matazem lot (17 km) for an amount of 13.8 billion FCFA. Buns will thus accumulate two contracts on the Yaounde-Bamenda axis, for a total value of 35.3 billion FCFA.

Launched in 2017, work on this road was halted on 14 January 2021, following an attack by armed secessionists from the North-West. The company Sogea Satom, which won the contract at the time, withdrew from the project citing “a case of force majeure related to the security situation in the project area.

In order to carry out the work, the army committed itself last March to providing security to Buns throughout its mission. It should be noted that it is precisely the security aspect that has delayed the work on this road.

The rehabilitation of the Yaounde-Bamenda road is supported by the World Bank which is providing a total of 192 million US dollars (113 billion CFA francs). This is to eradicate accidents and reduce transport costs and transit times on the road corridor that links Yaounde to the eastern border of Nigeria, passing through the towns of Bafoussam and Bamenda, whose economy is based mainly on agricultural production and trade.

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