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Cameroonian Movie ‘Saving Mbango’ Premières In Douala On Saturday

Who will save Mbango ? Who can save Mbango ? These are just a few questions movie lovers have been asking themselves since pictures of the « Saving Mbango » crew started emerging online months ago.

The movie is finally here. One of Cameroon’s most anticipated movie of the year titled ‘Saving Mbango’ will finally be premièred on Saturday October 26 in Douala at 6.30pm at the Canal Olympia hall.

A movie by Stephanie Tum’s Embi productions and directed by award-winning film director Nkanya Nwai, « Saving Mbango » is an authentic story in which the Cameroonian audience can easily identify themselves.

«  “It’s a gripping tale of love, survival, family dysfunction, ignorance, and disease. It is a deeply layered debut story by my colleague, Lynno Lovert. A first-time scriptwriter who borrows a lot from his personal experience to tell the story, Saving Mbango,” Stephanie Tum said last month while announcing the première to the movie.

The movie that features prominent actors like Godisz Fungwa, Solange Ojong, Laura Onyama(Mbango) and Otia Vitalis Suh, tells the story of a young boy, John who battles in life between his chaotic and dysfunctional family and trying to hold on to Mbango, the love of his life whose on life hangs on a thread.

From his alcoholic dad, to his his unruly brothers or his unmarried sisters, John finds himself trying to hold his family together which seems to be holding him back in turn from saving the love of his life Mbango.

The movie is shot in Mondoni is shot in Mondoni, South West Region of Cameroon and ever since stage pictures went viral on social media, the public has been impatient to discover to know if John will actually save Mbango-Saturday is finally around the corner.

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