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Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria ‘cast-off’ gov’t humanitarian aid

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Some representatives of English speaking Cameroonians seeking refuge in Nigeria have written a strong worded letter to UNHCR Nigeria, in which they advance five conditions the government of Cameroon will have to fulfill before carrying out it’s announced humanitarian initiative.

The letter titled ”Rejection of planned visit to refugee camps in Nigeria with humanitarian aid by the French government”, the refugees questioned how can Yaounde be planning to come with aid for refugees when no need assessments have ever been made. They equally claim hundreds of civilians who were lured to return from bushes were shot and killed by the soldiers of the French Cameroon.

In the letter, the refugees urged UNHCR to help mount pressure for President Biya  to first declare an end to the war it started on the people of the Southern Cameroons, release of all Southern Cameroonians and pro independence activists from detention cells in Yaoundé and other cities, withdraw  all government forces, proceed to accept negotiations to end the war declared in the presence of the UN, AU and other parties on neutral grounds and grant amnesty to those on exile.

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