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Cameroonian Woman Stabbed to Death in Canada

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Murder Case: Gisele Etondi Murdered by Husband

The victim, Gisèle Etondi Betondi, was stabbed several times by her ex husband  in front of her children.

The young woman had been living in Canada for at least five years. She had just given birth to her third child. According to witnesses, she had distanced herself from her former husband because of his violence. This did not stop him from taking revenge on her after shez filed for the divorcet  “The crime of great violence occurred shortly before 9 a.m., on Des Oblats Street, in the borough of LaSalle  the suspect stabbed his victim several times, inflicting very serious injuries,” reports journaldemontré

Having no family in Montreal, she was receiving help from a religious community  who helped her stay away from her ex-husband, whom she had been fleeing for a year. She was killed by her husband on 8 September 2022. According to journaldemontré, the young woman was preparing to leave the parking lot of the building where she was taking refuge with her children.

Following the tragedy, “Montreal police, who are trying to solve the murder case as they are currently haunting him down, especially since he has already been charged with domestic violence. The man, who is the father of the woman’s three children, is among the suspects, according to police sources,” the Montreal newspaper reported.

The man in question is a 50-year-old Cameroonian known to be violent. “The individual, who was not charged following Thursday’s murder, was back in court on August 31 in connection with breaches of conditions he allegedly committed in January. At the time, he was forbidden to be at Ms. Betondi’s home, to approach her or even to communicate with her. He allegedly broke all three conditions. This other trial had been set for next December,” explains our source.

Published on 03.01.2023

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