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Cameroon: Youth schooled on social media risks,opportunities

,inette Libom Li Likeng Minister of post and telecommunications ©All rights reserved

Some Cameroonian youth have received drilling on the risks and opportunities of communication through the social media.

The drilling workshop which took place in Yaounde and organised by the Ministry of Telecommunications, in partnership with Yoomee, is aimed at ensuring responsible use of social media among Cameroonain youths.

According to the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng, government is poised on monitoring and promoting the appropriate use of social media platforms.

She stated that E-reputation is very important on social media. “Youths should behave like good citizens”.
While acknowledging the importance of communication on social media, the Post and Telecommunication boss advised youth to avail themselves of the positive side of the social media.

Minister Libom also exhorted the participants to refrain from using social media to destabilize the country. To her, hate speeches and uncivic behaviors on social media destabilizes the integrity of the state which are all punishable.

Going by organisers of the workshop, the Yaounde youth encounter is the first in a series of campaigns to be organized nationwide.

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