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Cameroonians applaud Kamto-Akere coalition ahead of Presidential polls

Cameroonians are moved with joy after an opposition candidate, Akere Muna of the NOW Movement announced that he will be withdrawing his candidacy… to support Maurice Kamto,” leader of the Cameroon Rennaisance Movement.

Muna in a rare outing on Twitter said;

« My Dear brothers and sisters of Cameroon,

I decided to withdraw my candidacy for the presidential election of October 7th, for the benefit of Mr. Maurice Kamto whom I call to support.

I firmly believe that the future of Cameroon is the top priority and is worth every personal sacrifice. Our personal ambitions come second. Only a union of forces of the main candidates can overcome the Biya regime.

I invite all my supporters to vote Mr KAMTO next Sunday so that finally our country can experience a political change, worthy of the proud and intelligent people that we are » Akere Muna said

The announcement made this Friday evening by Barrister Akere breeds hope for many who had lost hope in the country’s democracy. While many called for other opposition candidates to join the train to face Biya on Sunday, others hailed Akere Muna for the Republican move.

It would be recalled that Kamto’s party alleged earlier on Friday that a “massive fraud” was underway to ensure the sitting president wins a seventh term.

Maurice Kamto’s campaign chief Paul-Eric Kingue said efforts to rig Sunday’s ballot “had the blessing” of the electoral commission.

“We won’t accept any result if this kind of fraud continues,” he said at a media briefing by Kamto’s MRC in the capital Yaounde.

Meanwhile, Territorial Minister, Atanga Nji, has warned Kamto’s campaign chief to be careful of making unfounded allegations which might indict him.


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