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Cameroonians protest against sale of migrants as slaves in Libya

Nzodjou Fotsing (center, green outfit), one of the protesters arrested outside the Libyan Embassy in Yaounde (C) All rights reserved

Some young Cameroonians have demonstrated in front of the Libyan Embassy in Yaounde on Monday, November 20, denouncing the buying and selling of migrants in Libya.

The demonstrations comes after Cable News Network, CNN, aired a report showing African migrants being sold as slaves to farm fields in Libya.

Carrying various placards this morning, the young demonstrators demanded that the Libyan government commit itself to put an end to the phenomenon. They also denounced a meeting with the diplomatic representative of Libya, who wanted to talk to the protesters’ representatives. Faced with the rising tensions, the law enforcement forces arrested three people, including Nzodjou Fotsing, the initiator of Monday’s movement.

The movement against slavery in Libya cropped up with a message from a Cameroonian living in Libya, known on social networks under as John Dahl Carter. Saddened by the death of a Senegalese who was sold as a slave, Carter took to social media decrying slavery in the North African country. His videos on the shocking story was picked up by CNN who later produced a documentary on the phenomenon.

CNN’s report have incited outrage in recent days, prompting a protest in central Paris, condemnation by the African Union and an official investigation.


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