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More Cameroonians seek refuge in Nigeria as crackdown in English speaking regions surge

Manyu Population fleeing their homes. ©All rights reserved

Government’s repression – including ordering thousands of villagers in the Anglophone southwest to leave their homes, has tuned many more English speaking Cameroonians into Nigerian refugees.

Many Anglophone Cameroonians are migrating to Nigeria for fear of their lives, according to media reports.  Since October 1, when secessionists declared independence on the regions they called Ambazonia, 7,500 people have reportedly fled to Nigeria, including 2,300 who fled in a single day on December 4, fearing government reprisals after raids by separatists militants killed at least six soldiers and police officers.

It should be recalled that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, published an estimated 40.000 Cameroonians, forcibly displaced by the Anglophone crisis situation. The new arrivals in Nigeria live mainly with host families who have supported them with food, clothing and shelter. The integration, a UNHCR official said, was made easier by the pidgin English spoken on either side of the border.

Meanwhile, Cameroonian authorities have taken turns to defend their crack down n the regions. Most of them are of the opinion that the English-speaking separatists pose a security threat.


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