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Cameroonians trapped in Coronavirus-hit China beg for Biya’s help

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About three hundred Cameroonians trapped in the Coronavirus-hit Wuhan city in China have written to the Head of State Paul Biya begging for assistance in the face of a virus that continue to gain grounds.

In the letter dated January 27, 2020, Cameroonians living in Wuhan, China express their frustration with regard to the Government’s silence on their plight and plead with the Head of State to assist them with soma basic necessities that will help them survive until things get back to normal.

“Your Excellency, we are writing to you directly because the situation forces us to do so outside the established protocol…With shopping centres, markets and transportation at a standstill, we are anxious about the future of events…Wuhan has been in quarantine since January 23…Despite our many approaches to the Cameroonian embassy in Beijing, we remain without news…” They road.

They disclosed that their frustration is even greater when their colleagues from neighbouring countries receive both moral and physical support from their Governments and nothing is said about them.

“We refuse to believe that we have been abandoned, which is why we seize this opportunity to cry for help.”

“We wish to suggest that we be provided with a hotline or Emergency number for all Cameroonians in China via the Embassy.”

“Above all Your Excellency, we pray to be provided with the most urgent necessities at this time of the crisis: Masks, disinfectants and food. Most shops have been emptied and many of us have already exhausted our reserves and are completely stranded” They added.

Since its outbreak in China in the beginning of the month of January, the Coronavirus has led to over one hundred and seventy deaths, infected over four thousand persons, with cases of infected persons recorded in other countries.

One day ago, it was declared a global health emergency virus by the World Health Organisation due to its continues spread outside China and possibility to spread to countries with weaker health systems.


Published on 05.05.2023

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