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Cameroonians warned against proclaiming results

Cameroonians have been warned against proclaiming results of the just ended October 7, presidential elections.

The warning alarm was made by Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration shortly after voting ended Sunday in Yaounde.

Going by Atanga Nji, the Constitutional Council, is the only legal body recognized to proclaim results. He stated that those propagating partial or whole results, other than the Constitutional Council, will face the wrath of the law.

“The official proclamation of results is an exclusive right of the Constitutional Council and no one has the right to substitute this body. Any form of challenge to the verdict of the polls other than the constitutional legal means will not be tolerated. I insist that candidates and political actors, should show signs of responsibility and they have to abide to the rules and regulations known by everyone of us,” Minister Atanga Nji said.

While, giving a balance sheet of the general atmosphere of elections, Minister Atanga Nji cautioned political parties to exercise so restrain and respect the electoral process right to the end.

He indicated that in the event of any query, the aggrieved persons should follow all the legal means to table their worries.
“I invite all political actors and stakeholders, to toll the line and demonstrate a sense of responsibility so that all that began well, should end well. The electoral process for the election of the President of the Republic, is guided by laws known to everyone. I therefore call for the scrupulous respect for these laws and provisions, and the proceedings guiding electoral complaints,” he added.

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