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Cameroon:Increase in beer prices maintained

The increase in the prices of beer instituted by brewery companies in Cameroon on March 1 has finally been adopted by the association of consumers and suppliers.

The increase ws finally confirmed on Tueesday March 12 after a stormy meeting between brewery companies and the Cameroon Alcohol Producers Association, CAPA.

Thus 50F and 100F will be increased on certain alcoholic drinks as first revealed on March 1. But these new prices did not sit down well with the Cameroon Consumers’ League that decided to walk out of the meeting after their proposal of a 32F increase was turned downed.

Tuesday’s meeting came after the Minister of Trade Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana suspended the increase in beer prices and called on the various stakeholders to concert and come out with an acceptable price.

However, nothing has changed after days of concertation as the brewery companies have decided to maintain the prices which went in full force since March 1.


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