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Cameroon:Indoor prayers mark start of Ramadan fasting

Muslim faithful across the country over the weekend started their thirty-day fasting leading up to the feast of the Ramadan.

This year’s fasting is observed in a particular context marked by the COVID-19 which has led to deaths and slowed down activities.

Among the measures put in place by the government of Cameroon to avoid the spread of the virus is the restriction of gatherings which has affected worship in mosques and churches.

It was a low-key start to the fasting for some Muslim faithful in Yaounde who decided to carry out their daily prayers at home.

It is the case with Boukar Ibrahim, a Muslim faithful at the Briqueterie neighbourhood in Yaounde who has decided to organise indoor prayers with his family in strict respect to the government measures put in place to avoid the spread of the virus.

To Ibrahim, this is the period for the Muslim faithful to implore the mercy of Allah in order to bar the way to the COVID-19.

Mosques shut down

Like Ibrahim, several Muslim faithful across the country, will have to carry out their daily prayers at home due to the prevailing health crisis. It is the case in Bonaberi, Douala IV municipality where the Divisional Officer has ordered the closure of churches and mosques as part of the fight against the spread of the virus.

The Divisional Officer of Douala IV Issa Daouda invited some Muslim leaders in his office on Friday, April 24 to explain to them the necessity to respect the measures and urged them to conduct their prayers at home.

As concerns churches, the Divisional Officer said he will be leading a control team every Sunday to ensure they are shut down in respect of the measures put in place.


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