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Cameroon:Is Paul Biya preparing to release Kamto, Anglophone detainees ?

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The Head of State’s social media actions in the past weeks could signal the start of a national reconciliation with his opponents of yesterday, pundits posit.

Paul Biya’s’forgive and forget’ tweet on Tuesday has beeen interpreted by many as an attempt to forgive his ‘opponents’ and sue for a more united country.

This i sis anything to go by, then he might well be extending a ‘hand of forgiveness’ to Maurice Kamto and all hi supporters detained at the Kondengui prison in Yaounde.

Paul Biya may equally be extending a forgiving hand to all those detained within the context of the crisis in the North West and South West regions especially the Ambazonia leaders.

In his previous tweets last weekend, Paul Biya called on Cameroonians to express their views without necessarily taking to the streets.

He followed that up the next day by calling on all Cameroonians to shun tribalism and rather work together to build a strong nation.

Taking a deep look at both tweets, he could be first asking his political ‘opponents’ of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement to shun the tribal tirade which some of its supporters have beeen engaged in the past weeks.

He could also be calling on supporters of this party to express themselves without taking to the streets as the did on January 26 as well as his compatriots in the North West regions South West regions who have previously taken to the streets to express their grievances.

After supposedly telling his targets these before preaching forgiveness, coupled with pressure from the international organisations, Paul Biya might be ready to exteend a hand and free his ‘opponents’. The days ahead could be pregnant.

Published on 10.02.2021

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