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Cameroon:Journalists drilled on better conflict reporting techniques

Over two dozens of journalists in Yaounde have been drilled on better ways of reporting conflicts which will enhance peace building.

For three days, the journalists were drilled on ways to create a favourable environment that promotes dialogue, love, respect and tolerance thus creating room for peace and reconciliation to gain grounds within the present context of Cameroon through responsible and peace building journalism.

“It is not new knowledge to anybody on the ground that media has contributed to either fan the conflict flames around the country…it is in a peace-building initiative that we think the media should be much more equipped and pushed closer to efficiently reporting conflicts in Cameroon,” Desmond Ngala, Country Project Manager of DefyHateNow, one of the main organizers of the training, said.

During the various modules, facilitators from the African Knowledge Policy Centre, a partner organization, combed through, the various forms of conflict in society with practical examples in Cameroon and how they have been reported by the media.

In order to promote best practices in reporting conflict to promote peace, participants engaged in open debates and practical exercises which deepened their reflections while also looking at better ways to publish content that promotes peace, enhances social cohesion, and reduces violent conflicts.

“We want to see a change of trend in the way journalists report (conflicts)…we want journalists to stop signposting. In the long term, we want to see journalists contribute effectively to peace building in Cameroon by not only reporting on conflicts but societal-changing stories that can bring peace and harmony in Cameroon,” Desmond Ngala said.

Published on 28.04.2020

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