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“Kamto’s arrest is pushing Cameroon towards self destruction”-Akere Muna

Akere Muna
Akere Muna

The leader of the “Now Movement” Barrister Akere Muna has slammed the arrest of his former ally and President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto.

Maurice Kamto and several bigwigs of his party were arrested on Monday and kept in detention following last weekend’s protests.

Akere Muna who was an ally of Kamto at the October 7, 2018 Presidential election has slammed the decision describing it as pushing Cameroon towards self destruction.

Akere Muna tweeted:

“Kamto and many others arrested. In this unfortunate attempt to show strength we discover a government too weak to dialogue too incompetent to understand the cry of its people. The greed of the oligarchs who have captured this state is pushing them towards self destruction”.

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