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Cameroon:Kupe Manenguba celebrates separation of conjoint twins

Sons and daughters of Kupe Muanenguba Divisionin the South West Region have expressed gratitude to the President of the Republic and wife, for the timely intervention and evacuation of the conjoint twins of one of theirs, Mr/MrsEkane Richard to Turkey where the kids were successfully separated.

The people of the Kupe Muanenguba rallied by the Minister, Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency, Paul Elung Che, under the canopy of the Kupe Muanenguba Cultural and Development Association, KUMUACUDA. The babies and their parents were presented to the population amidst thunderous applause and songs of joy. The outgoing President of KUMUACUDA, Herbert Ediage said though the association raised money to support the couple, the bill, transportation and sojourn of the twins and both parents in Turkey was entirely borne by the government and the presidential couple.

The massively attended event also provided the opportunity for the Minister, Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency to call on his kin and kindred resident in Yaounde to be promoters of peace, unity, love and harmony because it is only through these values that the development of the division can be guaranteed.

“We are living through very trying moments with regards to what is happening in the North West and South West Regions. Kupe Muanenguba is part of these two regions. Though Kupe Muanenguba is relatively calm now with activities going on normally, there is the need to preserve the current momentum.

“I think we have done a lot to talk to our populations and convince our community that it is better to leave in peace than to leave in a state of war. We are happy that our kids and kins have harken to our calls. So, we are calling upon the elites that we should promote peace, love, unity, harmony and living together,” the Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency said.

While regretting that the people of Kupe Muanenguba have not gathered together for a while because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Minister Elung Paul challenged his kin and kindred to be stepping stones for each other and not stumbling blocks.

The new executive of KUMUACUDA led by Lawrence Enongene Orloh was also presented to the public. For the next four years, the new team is poised to forge ahead with all efforts to be directed towards peace and development of the division. Primary among the projects earmarked by the new executive is erecting a community hall. The crowd pulling event at the official residence of the Minister, Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency was punctuated with choral and traditional dance groups and music artists from Kupe Muangenguba.

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