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Cameroon:Meme Elite condemn arson attack on Kumba District Hospital

The elite of the Meme division, South West Region of Cameroon have vehemently condemned the “inhuman, criminal and brutal burning of the Kumba district hospital by separatists in the early hours of the 11th of February”.

In a strongly worded declaration that resulted from their February 12 meeting, the elite of Meme division condemned all the sufferings the people have gone through since the start of the Anglophone crisis amongst which the burning of the Kumba District Hospital.

“We in Meme Division affirm that our Division and our hard working and peaceful Meme Citizens have paid the highest price in terms of the assassination of our chiefs and indigenes by separatists and the burning of our houses and damage to our property with the accompanying severe economic and agricultural loses, including the extensive fraudulent seizure and forceful appropriation of our indigenous farms, property and livestock by the separatists” the elite said.

“We therefore in the light of the above, vehemently denounce and unreserveldly condemn the burning by separatist fighters, of our District Hospital in Kumba and the killing of our sick patients who were hospitalized there” Meme elite said.

They called on the separatist especially on their Meme sons and daughters to heed to the Head of State’s advice and lay down their arms, and make themselves available to the approved Rehabilitation Centres for reintegration so they could become more useful citizens to themselves, their communities, and the nation.

Published on 03.01.2023

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