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Cameroon:murdered CPC Bali teacher to be burried tomorrow

The burial of a secondary school teacher killed in Bali on Saturday has been scheduled for Wednesday, family sources have confirmed.

Nde Blaise Tse, a mathematics teacher at the Cameroon Protestant College in Bali was reportedly killed on Saturday September 15 during a military raid in Bali as he was picked by a stray bullet, sources said. However, other sources claimed he was killed by soldiers who discovered anti government messages in his phone.

His corpse will be removed from the Bali District Hospital Mortuary on Wednesday 19 September morning followed by a funeral mass at the Presbyterian Church Ntaturo, Mankon.

The corpse will later be taken to the family residence for viewing before burial shortly before noon.

Teachers and students have been targeted or caught in the fightings between Cameroon security forces and separatist fighters since the start of September.

A teacher in Bafut was abducted and brutalised by armed men in Bafut on September 3 before he was later released while over five students spent days in captivity in the same locality before being released.


Published on 28.04.2020

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