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Cameroon:New book outlines best practices in financial management

“I have seen several persons go painfully on retirement without any post professional plan. How do we organize our finances and plan for the future?”.

These are some of the worries that Prissyle Atangana, Senior Staff at the Special Council Support Fund is trying to answer in her new book “Memento sur la gestion des finances personnelles des salaries”. The book was presented to the public at the conference room of FEICOM on Wednesday, November 11.

The book revolves around financial intelligence as a tool in the management of earnings of salary earners, the author said.

She stressed that the issue of poor management of earnings cuts across the board with newly recruited workers, experienced members of staff or those close to retirement facing the same problem. It is equally tailored for job seekers to enable them get an idea on how to manage their finances when they finally get a job.

After spending ten years at the Management Control Unit of FEICOM, the author keenly observed the rigour with which finances at the structure are managed with emphasis placed on budgetary discipline, and a strict respect of a plan of action. All this aspects thus form the yolk of the book.

The author elaborates a perfect methodology aimed at organizing personal budgets, ways of respect it and tips for regularly saving resources for the future.

The book equally outlines experiences of some salary earners who have adopted a rigourous budgetary plan and ends by calling on workers to set up a plan during their active years that will sustain them when they have gone on retirement.

On his part, the Director General of FEICOM, Camille Phillippe Akoa who prefaced the book called for a collective conscience of workers and urged them to get back to basics and live according to the African culture which warrants regular savings for the future.

“We must always dedicate a portion of our salaries to savings and equally ensure resources come in to accompany an already established project,” he said.

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