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Cameroon:Newly appointed police officials challenged to shun corruption

Some officials recently appointed at the General Delegation of National Security, DGSN have been urged to stand up to the various challenges facing the country at the moment.

The challenge was laid before them by the Delegate General for National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguele on Monday, March 22 while installing them into their functions.

Appointed on March 18 by Presidential Decree, the officials are taking duty within a context marked by security and health challenges.

It is in this light that Martin Mbarga Nguele urged them to be assiduous, be readily available and above all work as a team to overcome the various challenges and preserve security within the country.

With several challenges at Cameroon’s various borders and the sporadic threats posed by Boko Haram terrorists, Martin Mbarga Nguele urged the newly appointed officials to remain alert ensured coordinated research and investigations in order to preserve peace and security across the country.

The Delegate General for National Security also noted that the Cameroon Police force is fully committed to respecting human rights and challenged the newly promoted to mirror that aspect in the discharge of their duties.

Last Friday’s appointments saw movements within the cabinet of the Delegate General, Finance, , training, National ID card unit, Music and sports department, Interpol, public security, health, National police college, Human Resources, the disciplinary council and other units of the General Delegation for National Security. .

“It is honour and a mark of confidence bestowed on me and I promise to serve the nation in all loyalty and ensure the quality of police officers who graduate from our college are of the highest class,” Commissioner Lawrence Enow Tang who was appointed to head the National Advanced Police College said.

The appointments also touched officials at the various Regional levels who will be progressively installed into their functions.

Published on 10.02.2021

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