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Cameroon:Ngala Gerard finally burries SDF in Nkambe

News reaching us has it that the SDF has thrown in the towel in Nkambe. It is confirmed that the SDF will not run for the council election in Nkambe.

We learnt that some aspirants who really had the urge but lacked means accoasted Hon Awudu Mbaya for the caution but he vehemently turned them down and stopped picking their calls.

One could easily see the SDF aspirants who had already certified their documents running up and down late in the night just to get hold of the caution fee.

One Sajo Yerima who was supposed to head the SDF list was inconsolable. We can’t independently confirm this allegation but what is certain is that, Nkambe which is more populated than Ndu at the moment is strongly backing Ngala Gerard and the CPDM.

So even if the SDF were to file a candidate for the legislatives, it would be impossible for them to win since the entire Nkambe population is backing Ngala Gerard’s CPDM couple with the fact the SDF shall not be running for council election in Nkambe.

The recent videos and pictures from the constituency attest to the popularity of the latter. Remember Hon Awudu MBAYA did not resign from parliament as others would claim as he is still enjoying his juicy position as questor despite the bloodshed as claimed and calls from secessionists for him to step down.

This is why critics had it that the Hon Awudu MBAYA feared to run for another mandate due the overwhelming support Ngala Gerard enjoys in Nkambe since three years due to his constant presence on the ground while the later had not stepped foot to Nkambe ever since the crisis started.

If the reason for not running again for parliament was because of bloodshed as insinuated by Hon Awudu MBAYA, critics questioned why he didn’t resign from parliament since the parliament has vehemently refused to debate on the ongoing crisis which is shedding a lot of blood.

The CPDM victory in the making will be the last nail on the coffin after the SDF’s nearly three decades barren reign at the helm of the constituency. Gerard Ngala’s works had in 2013 helped win over the council and the fruits are visible to all.

Unconfirmed reports have it that SDF shall be running for the NDU and AKO councils while A.N.D.P shall be challenging CPDM in Misaje. Nkambe and Nwa Councils stand unchallenged for the CPDM.

As for legislatives which one cannot tell as to whether the SDF filed in a candidate for the Nkambe Ndu constituency at the level of Yaounde , analysts have it that, it will be an uphill task for the SDF since they are not running for council elections in Nkambe .

Published on 05.05.2023

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