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Cameroon:Outrage as soldiers torture civilian to near death in Ndu

There has been outrage and widespread condemnation after a video emerged online at the weekend showing defence and security forces torturing a man to near death in Ndu.

The amateur video shot infront of a building shows a mixed team of police, soldiers and gendarmes interrogating the man in French and pidgin English.

The man’s only crime apparently going by the video was the fact that he is a relative to a separatist fighter and must denounce the whereabouts of his brother.

The man denies knowing where the said brother is residing even uner heavy torture from the uniform men who poured water on him before whipping his legs with a cutlass repeatedly until the man had to lie lifeless, apparently going unconscious.

The government is yet to react to the video as atrocities continue to be committed in the restive North Weest and South West Regions on a regular basis.

Published on 10.02.2021

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