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Cameroon:Parliament begins examining bill on associations today

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Two bills have been tabled at the National Assembly aimed at modifying and improving upon the functioning of cultural and artistic associations in the country.

The bills draft bills modify and supplement certain dispositions of Law No 90/53 of 19 December 1990 relating to the freedom of association.

It seeks to give a special mode of functioning of artistic and cultural associations, and give government the opportunity to explore the vast potential of the arts and culture sector in Cameroon.

The law will not only provide a legal platform for associations to function but will equally give that freedom to the sector to boom.

The law gives power to regulate all cultural and artistic groups as well as provide a scope of functioning which must be strictly respected.

According to parts of the draft : “Any national or foreign association which wishes to reach the statute of cultural and artistic association, must obtain beforehand, an approval of the ministry in charge of Arts and Culture”.

If adopted, stakeholders say the law will blow a new wind of professionalism as well as mark a new turnaround in the cultural milieu.

Published on 28.04.2020

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