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Cameroon:Post dialogue caravan gets to work in NW Region

Participants at Major National Dialogue (c) journalduCameroun.com

A peace caravan has been dispatched to the North West Region of Cameroon to sensitise the population on the recommendations of the Major Natonal Dialogue which held last month in Yaounde.

The caravan was unveiled in Bamenda on Saturday November 16 by the His Eminence Cardinal Christian Tumi as the mission is expected to report back to the Prime Minister on November 29.

Presenting the caravan in Bamenda, Cardinal Tumi called urged the members to be humble, soft spoken and committed in helping the population understand their messages and embarce the path to peace.

However, doubts were raised on the caravan’s mission given that the content of the special status has not yet been revealed to the public.

In response, Cardinal Tumi called for patience and stressed the release from jail of some detained Anglophones during the Major National Dialogue is a show of good faith and good things to come.

The various teams are now expected to penetrate the divisions, sub divisions, villages and localities to preach peace to the local population.


Published on 28.04.2020

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