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Cameroon:Prime Minister creates, transforms new secondary schools

Some new schools have been created while others have been transformed following three Prime Ministerial decrees signed on Monday, February 22.

Two of the decrees create new secondary schools while the third decree upgrades some secondary schools into high schools.

Thus, a new bilingual secondary school has been created in Mondoni, Tiko subdivision in the South West Region.

In the Far North Region, a secondary school has been created in Mbrondong, Taibong subdivision , Mayo Kani Division.

On the other hand, the Government Secondary School Biakoa in the Mbangassina subdivision, Mbam and Kim Division, Centre Region has been transformed into a high school. The government secondary schools in Vondou and Minka in the Makak sub division, Nyong and Nkelle Division have equally been transformed into high schools.

In the Far North Region, the government secondary school Galam and that of Golong Dakri have been transformed into high schools. It is the same for the government secondary school Maklingai in the Mayo Sava division and Mandaka in the Mayo Tsanaga.

In the Littoral Region, the Government Secondary School Bomono was transformed to a high school while the North West Region, the government secondary school Mbveh in Kumbo, Bui division was equally upgraded. In the West Region, the King Place Secondary school was equally transformed to a high school.

According to the decree signed by the Prime Minister, the two schools created and ten transformed will go operational by decision of the Minister of Secondary Education, taking into consideration the means available.

Published on 10.02.2021

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