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Cameroon:Public Health Minister hails health workers in fight against Coronavirus

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Health personnel have been praised for their relentless efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 as Cameroon continues to record positive results in the face of the pandemic.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Health, the recovery rate in Cameroon stands at a little over 70 percent with over 10.000 recoveries recorded.

In a message addressed to health personnel, the Minister of Public Health Dr Malachie Manaouda aid this high success rate is down to their unfailing commitment which was praised by the Head of State on May 19 during his address to the nation.

He said the sacrifices and efforts made by health personnel since the outbreak of the pandemic has changed the public’s perception of public health facilities in the country.

“The efforts made (by health personnel)  have enabled Cameroonians of good faith to see the public hospital in a new light and; as is the case, to make contributions to the national efforts within the framework of the Special National Solidarity Fund put in place by the Head of State,” Dr Malachie Manaouda said.

However, this success has not come with its own challenges, with over 300 health personnel infected in the line of their duty while at least five of them have lost their lives, the Minister of Public Health regretted. Among other challenges faced is the constant harassment of health personnel by some families.

However, all these have not dampened the spirits of the health workers who have been urged to remain mobilised because the nation needs them.

“I would like to invite you to stay mobilised because Cameroon, alas, will count on you even more than usual as the health crisis is not yet over….the war against the COVID-19 is still to be waged because we are entering the third operational phase of our response plan,” the Minister of Public Health cautioned, adding that government will continue to ensure working conditions for these health workers are improved upon in order to overcome the pandemic.

Published on 10.02.2021

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