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Cameroon:Repentant ‘Ambazonia General’ vows to disarm fighters

General Elangwe has vowed to convince his peers to drop their weapons (c)Kontri Pipo

A repentant Ambazonia armed separatist kingpin who dropped his weapons earlier this week has vowed to return to the bushes to woo his peers to equally drop their weapons.

‘General’ Elangwe Godwin Motokwo who operated in parts of Meme Division, South West Region of Cameroon  is said t have dropped his arms last weekend and was received on March 2 by the Senior Divisional Officer, Ntou Ndong Chamberlain.

The SDO praised the ex fighter for heeding the Head of State’s call to those in the bushes to lay down their weapons and return to the republic.

On his part, Elangwe Godwin motokwo who has been operating in areas like Kwa Kwa, Bolo, Nake and other rural communities, vowed to convinced his former comrades in arms to drop their weapons and join him back to build one, strong and united Cameroon.

Published on 10.02.2021

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