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Cameroon:Road safety campaign launched ahead of end of year feasts

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The National Gendarmerie has embarked on a road safety campaign to keep road users safe on the highway during the busy festive period.

As the end-of-year feasts fast approach, the roads and highways are set to be busy as holidays travel to spend the feasts with the loved ones.

The busy period is equally noted for the numerous accidents along the highway leading to several casualties.

To prevent such scenario, the National Gendarmerie kicked off an operation on the highway last weekend to sensitise road users to be prudent on the road.

The first phase of the sensitization kicked off along the Yaounde-Mbalmayo-Sangmelima road in the Centre Region, as well as the Yaounde-Pouma-Douala road where elements of the National Gendarmerie proceeded to check the state of vehicles plying the road.

Be it private vehicles or inter urban transport buses, the gendarmes carried out the checks to ensure they were all in good state and ensured they possess all their documents including their first aid box.

Unfortunately, several inter urban transport buses fell short to some of these road safety requirements.

“We mostly realised some drivers continue with some irresponsible behaviours like over speeding while others don’t respect basic road safety measures like putting on their seat belts or possessing a first aid box in their vehicles,” Lieutenant Colonel Noah Agrius, head of the campaign along the Yaounde-Mbalmayo-Sangmelima road said.

Most of these defaulters were obliged to pay a fine on the spot while passengers were cautioned to ensure buses meet the basic requirements before they get on board. The road safety campaigns will continue on other highways all through this December as the National Gendarmerie seeks to keep roads safe from accidents during this festive period.

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