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Cameroon’s Author’s rights: SONACAM gets accreditation

Cameroon’s National Copyright Corporation, known as SONACAM, has received accreditation.

The accreditation signed and issued today, December 21, by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Professor Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, permits the corporation manage copyrights works’ in category B (musical art), a sector which has been under the rocks for almost a decade.

Going by the text, artists will now refer to SONACAM for everything that pertains with defending their author rights’ claims. It should be noted that SONACAM recently elected its new executive. The team led by Sam Fan Thomas and Adeline Mbengkoum were elected during a constitutive and elective General Assembly of the body, on September 9, 2017 in Yaounde.

Minister Narcisse Mouelle also signed another text approving the Cameroon Civil Society Neighbouring Rights, The board according to the text will manage category E copyright works. Founded last July, the corporation has as objectives the protection of the rights of producers of phonograms, videograms, musicians, playwrights (comedians, filmmakers, comedians,) and finally opera singers, traditional musicians and dancers. Aladji Touré is the first chairman of the board.



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