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Cameroon’s comedy, film festival seeks partnership with FESPACO

Organisers of the International Film Festival for Comedy and Humour have announced they are in advanced negotiations in view of a partnership with FESPACO, the biggest film festival in Sub Sahara Africa.

They made the announcement at the end of the 8 edition of the festival which rounded off last week in Yaounde.

“Behind the scene negotiations could lead to a white smoke. FESPACO and FESTICO could sign a win-win partnership. The aim of this is to shine Africa’s light through culture,” organizers of FESTICO said in a statement released on their Official Facebook Page immediately after the end of their festival last week.

The festival that held from June 23-27 gave the opportunity thrilled the public with several genres, notably short films, series, web series as well as standup comedy.

The major innovation for this year’s edition of the festival was the “Script Shopping” which provided a platform for professionals in scenery and script writing to horn their expertise. One of the intiators of the Project, Steve Kouounang said their intention was to create an avenue for these talents to meet with film producers to find better ways to telling and marketing their stories and scripts.

The 8 edition of the Festico also saw the projection of close to thirty comedy and short films from Africa and Europe.  Short  films like “Un day de Matta” of Antoine Onomo,  or “Zero Stress” and “Love Maker” of Togo’s Boris Kapdenou all thrilled the public at the Muna Foundation in Yaounde.

Comedians like Hervé Nana, Kankan Junior, Bertrand Kede also thrilled the public and there was equally a remarkable presence of female comedians this year.

The festival rounded off with the handing over of prizes to actors and comedians who have distinguished themselves in the past year through their works.

Published on 28.04.2020

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