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Cameroon’s Coronavirus count crosses 10,000 mark

Cameroon now counts over ten thousand Coronavirus cases among which five thousand, six hundred and one have successfully been treated and two hundred and seventy-eight were reported dead.

During the last twenty-four hours, Cameroon recorded two hundred and seventy-nine Coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of persons confirmed infected with the virus in the country to ten thousand, one hundred and forty-three.

According to public health officials, the rapid increase in the number of cases is a result of the country’s latest adopted COVID-19 response strategy which consist in tracking, testing and treating cases.

In line with the above strategy, the different regions have been equipped with COVID-19 screening centres.

In a tweet published Monday June 15, the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda says as of yesterday, Cameroon screened 51,996 samples.

He added that the country will strengthen its three-T strategy, tracking-testing-treatment and set new testing targets when necessary.

With this new COVID-19 tally, Cameroon stands as one of the most hard-hit countries in Africa after South Africa and Algeria.


Published on 28.04.2020

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