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Cameroon’s education Minister bans 61 clandestine schools

Jean Ernest Ngale, Secondary Education Minister © All rights reserved

Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe, Cameroon’s Minister of secondary and Basic education has banned 61 clandestine secondary schools.

According to the Minister, the schools failed to respect procedures of creation, lacked reliable structures and necessary teachers.

The schools which include Yves Plumey College in Ngaoundéré, Le Nil and Redemption colleges in Yaoundé, the seat of wisdom academy, Bepru, Père Mathieu colleges, bilingual colleges Saint Gabriel, Abong-Mbang Excellence among st others will be closed during the 2017/2018 academic year.

Minister Massena Ngalle Bibehe exhorts all regional and departmental delegates of secondary education to ensure the full application of the ban.

It should be recalled that 30 of these establishments were banned in the Littoral, 19 in the Center and six in the North-West regions respectively. These figures are significantly low compared to last year when the Minister shut down 75 academic institutions for the same reasons.

Explaining the modalities to create schools in Cameroon, Paul Jérôme Nyemb Ntoogue, head of the national control unit for private establishments, stated that “in order for a private establishment to go operational, the promoter must first declare his intention, present all intellectual, financial and infrastructural arguments.  Once the authorisation has been obtained, the person concerned must apply for authorisation to operate. At this stage, the number of teachers, classrooms and others are assessed. Those who do not fulfil these conditions must not function” he said.



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