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Cameroon’s oldest Senator, Mukete says he still strong to serve

Nfon Mukete

Cameroon’s eldest Senator, Nfon V E Mukete, says he is still strong enough to render service to the nation at the age of 99 years.

The Paramount ruler of the Bafaws and Nfon of Kumba made the declaration during a ceremony at his Palace on Saturday, November 18.

According to the Statesman, he is grateful to his Creator God Almighty and the Head of State, Paul Biya for his recovery from hospital.

Last month, the Nfon’s health situation deteriorated and he was ferried abroad for medical attention.

Nfon Mukete said at his age, there is nothing more he can ask from God other than thank him for adding him time on earth.

He said among other exploits, the Head of State elevated him into Senate where he is still serving the fatherland.

The ace industrial farmer further asserted that only God deserves the glory.

“Thank you all…….I am very happy to see you all .Some of you said prayers for God to pity me. Father I thank you. I am grateful to God. I must tell you that after thanking God, I must also thank the Head of State of Cameroon.

“So this little gathering here gives me the opportunity to express my gratitude to my redeemer and to the person who controls the fortunes of our country. I am grateful to God that at 99 I’m still strong to render service to the nation,” Nfon Mukete stated.

Speaking at the event, Chief Akama Elango of Dikomi Bafaw, described the reception as spontaneous.

He said all present came with the good will that ushered the Nfon back to his people.

Nfon Laughs Over Rumours Of His Death

As the Private Secretary to the Nfon coordinated the occasion, Nfon Mukete provoked laughter when inference was made of his purported demise.

The Nfon laughed when his Scribe described the moment of his address as ‘ “a moment for us to hear from the man whose voice we have been longing to hear. This is a day we never knew will come. This is a man some of us had pushed to the other world,” Tendo said.

Spontaneously, the Nfon shouted “me” and the crowd burst into laughter.

Before now, the traditional ruler had an indoor meeting with quarter heads. He also had another session of discussions with the members of the Kumba Traditional Council.

CPDM Present

Despite animosity over among CPDM militants in Kumba, a host of militants showed up. Among those present were Section Presidents, Section Scribes and a youth leader. Feasting crowned the rare outing of the Nfon.



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