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Cameroon:’Saving Mbango’ to be screened in Buea today

One of the most popular films to hit the screens at the back end of 2019, ‘Saving Mbango’ will be publicly aired in Buea for the first time tomorrow.

After a suceesful prémière in Douala and Bamenda respectively, the crew of ‘Saving Mbango’ will be at the Mountain Hotel in Buea as they continue to bring the movie closer to the public.

The scrrening of the event which has already sold out will see the presence of celebrities from the Cameroon film and music industries and a red carpet expected to precede the event.

The crew is equally expected gto take the movie to other cities in the month ahead, notably in Yaounde.

A movie by Stephanie Tum’s Embi productions and directed by award-winning film director Nkanya Nwai, « Saving Mbango » is an authentic story in which the Cameroonian audience can easily identify themselves.

The movie that features prominent actors like Godisz Fungwa, Solange Ojong, Laura Onyama(Mbango) and Otia Vitalis Suh, tells the story of a young boy, John who battles in life between his chaotic and dysfunctional family and trying to hold on to Mbango, the love of his life whose on life hangs on a thread.

From his alcoholic dad, to his his unruly brothers or his unmarried sisters, John finds himself trying to hold his family together which seems to be holding him back in turn from saving the love of his life Mbango.

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