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Cameroon:Security forces blocade Kamto’s campaign headquarters

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A press conference scheduled to hold at the campaign headquarter of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement was cancelled after security forces had blocked the venue preventing journalists from accessing the hall.

Maurice Kamto’s campaign manager Paul Eric Kingue was expected to grant a press conference by 3pm at Nlongkak, Yaounde but security forces strmed the area to inform them the event had been banned.

This followed a communiqué from the Divisional Offiver of the Yaounde IV municipality earlier in the day banning the press conference.

“The press conference was supposed to hold at 3pm but we were surprised to see security forces arrive here at 3.15pm to inform us that the press conference had been banned,”Olivier Bibou Nissack, spokesperson for Maurice Kamto said.

“We are in a country where our rights and liberties are trampled upon. Most of our supporters have been arbitrarily arrested and detained  but we will not baack down,” Nissack added.

He however declined the reasons for the press conference as he said it as the sole responsibility of the campaign manager Paul Eric Kingue to reveal the package but said details of Kingue’s message will be made available by alternative means.


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