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Cameroon:security tightens as Cabral Libii reschedules banned press conference

Security has been tightened at the headquarters of the the flag bearer of the Univers party Cabral Libii where a press conference is expected to hold today.

The press conference initially scheduled for Wednesday October 24 was banned by the Divisional Officer of Yaounde IV, Bassiliken Georges Magloire.

The Divisional Officer said Cabral Libii had not requested for authorisation to hold the gathering given that the campaigns and Presidential election period is over.

Cabral Libii however told journalists that this was an attempt to stiffle him and his party and vowed to hold the conference.

Early on Thursday morning, members of Cabral Libii’s team released a statement announcing the press conference had been rescheduled for the same day at  3.30pm.

This prompted an immediate reaction as security forces were immediately deployed to his headquarters where they have been stationed since morning. It is still not lear if the press conference will go on despite the ban.

Published on 28.04.2020

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