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Cameroon: separatists attempt attack on Minister’s convoy in Bamenda

Bamenda Commercial Avenue on a "ghost town" day ©BaretaNews

At least three security forces were injured on Tuesday during an attack by separatist fighters in the city of Bamenda in the North West Region, sources have confirmed.

Sources say shootings broke out after separatist fighters invaded the town in an attempt to launch an attack on the convoy of the Minister of Basic Education who was reported to be in Bamenda to the resumption of the school year in that part of the country.

Sources say the shootings started at Mile 2 when the fighters injured two gendarmes around a bank as the suspected the Minister’s car was parked around the area.

The fighters also attacked soldiers around Foncha street as the shootings lasted for hours with video making rounds of the fighters attacking with a while pick-up van.

These incidents sent the town into chaos forcing businesses to shut down as residents rushed home. Sources report of several civilians caught in the cross fire but it is difficult to determine the number of persons dead.

It even created panic in some schools where children were trapped with many hiding under benches as well as those at work.

The violence in Bamenda follows reports of reported shootings in Bambui, Bambili, Bafut Sabga and other localities in the North West region as separatists have since stepped up their attacks since the start of the new school year on Monday


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