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Cameroon:Six arrested after anti Biya protests in Paris

Six activists were arrested by French police on Tuesday August 6 during anti Biya protests staged infront of the Cameroonian embassy in Paris.

The activists both men and women are said to have taken the embassy by storm on Tuesday morning chanting and calling for the release of Maurice Kamto and other detained political prisoners.

They equally held placards calling for the end of the war in the North West and South West regions and urged the Head of State Paul Biya to step down.

The protest forced activities at the embassy to come to a standstill before the staff alerted French police and gendarmes who arrived at the scene and immediately restored order.

The six persons arrested are being questioned at the Second Police District in Paris on grounds of illegal occupation of a residence.

Tuesday’s protest in Paris follows similar protests in London on Monday by some Cameroonian activists infront of the country’s embassy in London.


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