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Cameroon:Stakeholders brainstorm on new code to better protect children

Stakeholders have stressed the need for the adoption of a harmonized code which protects children and their rights.

Meeting in Yaounde on Monday, November 23, stakeholders from the government, the parliamentary network for the promotion of policies and actions that favour youth and children, REJE Plan International and other civil society organizations, brainstormed on better ways to come up with a comprehensive code.

The Minister of Social Affairs Pauline Irène Nguene made a presentation on the challenges and difficulties involved in children protection which is hindered by a comprehensive code. She however outlined steps taken by her Ministry on the ground to ensure they continue to provide the minimum basic protection for children.

Her presentation was buttressed by that of the Minister of Women Empowerment and the Family, Prof Marie Thérèse Abena Ondoua who made several recommendations to boost the child protection framework in Cameroon.

The need for the public to be informed and sensitized on the need to protect children at every level was stressed by the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice, Jean De Dieu Momo who added that only collective action can enhance the legal framework for child protection in Cameroon.

Cameroon, has taken several bold steps in the protection of children by ratifying several conventions on children’s rights the Programme Director of Plan Cameroon, Dr Collins Soyang noted. However, he wish all the efforts put in place by government at the local level be consolidated in a single document which will be presented to parliament for adoption.

These thoughts were shared by the President of the parliamentary network for the promotion of policies and actions that favour youth and children, REJE, Hon. Joshua Osih who  said children are victims of situations today because the series of legal instruments available have not been harmonized thus making it difficult to apply them at each given situation.

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