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Cameroon:Sultan Njoya pays tribute to fallen musician Claude Ndam

The Sultan of the Bamoun, Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya has saluted the memory of artiste Claude Ndam who passed away at the weekend in Yaounde.

Claude Ndam, who bags close to four decades of a successful career was an ambassador of the Bamoun culture as his music went beyond borders to unite communities.

After his death was announced, the Bampun Sultan, Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya had this to say;

“It is with immense pain that I learnt of the death of my son, the illustrious artiste, Claude Ndam (who pased away) on the night of Thursday June 11 to Friday June 12, 2020 in Yaoundé, following a protracted illness.

I salute the memory of this renowned musician who, through his guitar and his songs, rich in lessons, has since the early1990s, been one of the pioneers in the modernization of Bamoun music.

The “modern griot”, as he was, helped to promote the Bamoun culture beyond national borders, and thanks to his hard work and his abnegation, rose to the top to become one of the great contemporary artists that our country has known. It is for this reason that he was knighted as “Nji”, notable in the courtyard of the Palace of the Bamoun king.

I fully share in the pain and grief of his biological family and the entire Bamoun community home and abroad, as well as the pain of the entire artistic community. To all those people for whom Nji Claude Ndam was so dear, I send them my deepest condolences.

My son Nji Claude Ndam, great talent and valiant figure, may your soul rest with dignity. Because, your work will remain forever engraved in our memories and our hearts”.

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