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Cameroon:Teenager arrested for allegedly killing father in Bamenda

A fifteen-year old boy is in police custody after he was accused of killing his father, Roger Naoussi last weekend in Bamenda.

According to locals, 15-year old Maxime committed the act at their residence in the Blue Moon neighbourhood, Mile 2 Bamenda before carrying his father’s corpse and dumped in a nearby bush.

Locals said the young man must have used a weapon to hit his father hard on Friday night before carrying the mortal remains to dump in a nearby bush. To veil any signs of blood, the boy is reported to have tied his father’s head with a water-proof paper to avoid traces of blood droplets.

It was only when Roger Naoussi, a storekeeper at a cold store in Bamenda, was not seen at work the next day that his colleagues raised eyebrows and began the search.

Neighbours immediately suspected Maxime given that he had reportedly attacked his mother on a previous occasion in a failed attempt to get money from her. Search operations immediately started and the corpse was discovered abandoned.

The population immediately descended on the young man to administer jungle justice but finally opted to hand him over to forces of law and order since none of his family members were present at home that weekend. Forces of law and order have opened investigations to throw more light on the matter.

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